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Easy to Use Beauty Sphere Cleansing Orb by L’Oreal Paris

Breaking News!  L’Oreal Paris model, Instagram makeup icon and YouTuber Liza Lash announced the launch of Beauty Sphere. The world’s first skincare cleansing orb that is personally calibrated to the user’s astrological orientation.

It is so easy to use and highly effective at removing makeup, dirt and oils. You can use the sphere every day. Lather in your  hands with water and then apply to your face.

After being on the face for a few seconds, wash off with water. Can also be used in the shower for a full body wash.

beauty sphere

Beauty Sphere is now available at LizaLash.com and each sphere can last one to three months.

Travel-friendly with no mess or leaks.   Each astrological sign has its own Beauty Sphere, and is available for $44. The orbs are all unique with customized scents, benefits and ingredients.

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I received one in Pisces, it’s blue and smells awesome.  I received the item(s) above free of charge in exchange for inclusion to my guide.

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