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Bathroom Remodel Max Home Now

Whenever you think of remodeling your home, you think of the money and the hard work it will entail. One thing some of us do not think of is that in a way, remodeling is essentially future-proofing our home, in other words, we are investing in our homes. If you live in New Orleans, Max Home Now can help with your bathroom remodel and windows.

About Max Home Now

MaxHome grew out of its sister company- NewBath. They work very hard every day to be sure that when you choose us you can relax knowing that not only are you getting a great product at a great price but that they will be there to make sure you and your home are happy and confident –before, during and after the sale.

One major reason for remodeling is that you may need larger space, which will then require knocking down walls to extend room sizes. Or a reason for most of us in Louisiana is a Hurricane hit or it rained too much and your home got flooded, what a good time to make the changes you want to do right? NO! But don’t pass up that opportunity.

I’ve looked at their photo gallery and love the bathrooms! I wish I could remodel our bathroom I’d love #18 with a jacuzzi tub.

Bathroom remodel New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Greater Houston

A bath remodel is the perfect option for homeowners who may have an outdated or damaged bath in their homes, but who do not want to invest in a complete bathroom overhaul. Simply improving or replacing your bathtub can enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your entire bathroom space, and for much less time and money than is required for a total bathroom remodeling project. If you live anywhere in the Houston, New Orleans, or Baton Rouge area and think a bath remodel may be the best option for your needs, you can turn to the home improvement experts at Max Home.

Energy-Saving Windows for Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Surrounding Communities

Purchasing energy-saving windows is an excellent investment for homeowners interested in new windows that will do more for their home than just improve its appearance. Replacement windows that are specifically designed to promote energy savings work by limiting the amount of heat that is transferred into and out of the home. This helps to alleviate the work required of the heating and cooling systems, which results in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

MaxHome installs industry-leading Renewal by Andersen® windows, which means our customers can choose from an array of attractive window styles to enhance both their home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. In addition to receiving energy-efficient windows, some other benefits of choosing MaxHome for your window replacement needs include:

Competitive prices
Professional installation service from highly trained and experienced technicians
A transferable limited warranty
Along with residential windows, we install other superior remodeling solutions that provide our customers with an excellent value for their home improvement dollar.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation or learn more about their products and services, contact MaxHome today.

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