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Baby’s Nursery Organizing Tips

Expecting your first child is a very exciting time and there is about a million things you need to do to prepare for that new bundle of joy.  Aside from picking a name, organizing the nursery is pretty high up on the list of things to do during the pregnancy.

When it comes to designing and organizing a nursery, don’t focus on just the baby stage.  Think beyond the first year, to when the child will be crawling, walking, growing and playing.  There are many pieces of furniture that are designed with this in mind; a crib that later converts to a bed, for example. Aside from a crib, a comfortable chair for feeding the baby, a dresser that you can use as a changing table,  and a toy box are other important pieces to consider for the nursery.  Don’t forget a Diaper Pail like the Tommee Tippee and a closet organization system.

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After deciding on the big pieces of furniture, you should try to organize specific areas of the nursery.  The changing table and crib will be the most used areas.  When organizing the changing area, think through every step taken when changing your baby and the things that might be needed.  Your baby should never ever be left alone for even a second on the changing table, so everything needs to be within arm’s reach.  A basket with things used consistently such as diaper rash cream, powder, and baby wipes will be the most useful right on top of the changing area.  Onesies and diapers will also be used at every changing, so put them within easy reach as well.

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The amount of laundry generated by such a tiny being is amazing, so be sure to have plenty of outfits, but don’t forget the crib sheets, receiving blankets and burp cloths.  A laundry hamper will be extremely helpful in this space.


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If there is a chair in the nursery for feeding baby, be sure to have a small table next to it to hold a drink, the bottle while burping, a stack of burp cloths, a baby monitor and a small lamp.  Middle of the night feedings will require some light, but not too much.  It would be best to have a low watt bulb in that table lamp.

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When it comes to organizing baby clothes there are several options to consider.  You could store similar items together.  For example, you could have a drawer just for onesies and another just for pajamas.  Alternatively, you could organize clothes by size.  Put entire outfits together by size and hang in a closet or put in the dresser or changing table.  The way you organize your baby’s clothes is completely up to you.  Only you can decide what will work best for you and your family.

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After all of the necessities are in the nursery, extra items can be added.  A toy box would be a great idea, but it certainly isn’t necessary to start with.  Shelving for books and toys would also be nice, but needn’t be a priority at this early stage.

There are many cute ideas out there to consider when organizing a nursery for the first baby.  Look at different magazines and websites for ideas and take what works and leave what won’t.  Most of all enjoy the process!

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