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Baby Shusher Review: A Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies

When my daughter told me my granddaughter was starting to fight sleep, I first told her to shush her.  LOL I had to explain the shushing system to her.  With the times we live in, I searched online to see if I could find something easier to help her and I found the Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies, so I requested a review and they said yes. I received the Baby Shusher Collection Gift Set ($49.99 value)

  • The center piece of our Collection is the original Baby Shusher, a revolutionary tool for parents that uses an ancient, but doctor-tested and approved rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy baby. We have also included two 100% cotton muslin swaddles and three 100% organic cotton chewies for teething. Learn More

baby shusher - the soothing sleep miracle for babies

Shushing babies has been around for years! Have you ever shushed one?  I have, I shushed my daughter to sleep 32 years ago and when I baby sit my granddaughter, I shush her to sleep.  Babies want to feel the same security as they did inside the womb. Contrary to what some may think, shushing isn’t a desperate attempt by parents to get a baby to stop crying; the rhythmic shushing noise actually re-creates a womb sound that young babies find comforting (and sleep-inducing.)

The Baby Shusher is not made to replace mom and dad. It’s just a simple device to give you a hand when you’re feeling exhausted in the middle of the night because your baby won’t go to sleep and the last thing you feel like doing is shushing for a while.

Here’s the shushing catch, you may have to shush for quite awhile before it begins to affect your baby. And you have to shush over your baby’s crying so they can hear the shushing sound. And that can make for some painful, hoarse shushing after awhile.

The Baby Shusher has an automatic shut off, so you can set it for 15 or 30 minutes and leave it by your babies bedside while they are falling asleep. It also has a volume control so you can turn it very low or high.

This is so simple, yet GENIUS!

The only thing I’m wondering is where was this little gadget 32 years ago! 😉

My granddaughter has been fighting my daughter to sleep, after getting the baby shusher, she gave up everything she was doing and tried it out.  I received this text from her “Thank you for the baby shusher! I just used it and she was out within 6 minutes of turning it on!”  That was the easiest and fastest my granddaughter has gone to sleep since starting to fight going to sleep!  My daughter said the baby shusher is a miracle!

Another really cool thing is if you don’t want to purchase the Baby Shusher, you can download the Baby Shusher The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies app (available for use on both Android and iPhones)! Not only does the app create the rhythmic shushing noise your newborn needs to relax; it also comes with a timer feature (you can shush for hours) and a sound equalizer (when your baby gets louder, so does the shush.) Coolness! I downloaded it on my android.

Don’t believe shushing can work? Watch this video of a mom using the Baby Shusher app with her crying baby. Let’s just say that the results are pretty amazing.

You can purchase the Baby Shusher online at www.babyshusher.com

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I would like to thank Babyshusher.com for the complimentary product I received for this review. Opinions are all ours.

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