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Helpful Gift Ideas For A Baby 1st Easter Basket

Baby Easter Basket

Easter will be here soon and I know there are new parents, grandparents, aunts, etc that are asking themselves “What do I put in a Babies 1st Easter Basket”. Well, this will be my granddaughter’s first Easter and I have been trying to figure that out too!  I mean I already have the stuffed bunny, but what else can I get? So I put together this helpful 1st Easter gifts list.

She’s only 8 months old, so she’s too young for candy and even if she was at the age for candy, I wouldn’t want to give her a lot of candy! So I did some research and started to figure out that this would be easier than I first thought! LOL Here are several items you can add to any Babies Easter Basket or Toddlers Easter Basket that they will LOVE!

Helpful Gift Ideas For A Baby 1st Easter Basket

First thing is that I highly recommend that you do not use the Easter grass, Ribbon or Cellophane. Babies and toddlers will want to grab it and put it in their mouths, it’s nothing but a hazard. Instead, use some crumpled up tissue paper in pastel colors as an alternative to the grass and don’t wrap it.
Babies 1st Easter Basket

10 ideas for Baby

  • Bibs.
  • Booties.
  • 1st Easter nick knack.
  • Books~ Chunky board books in Easter or spring themes make nice gifts and can withstand teething babies.
  • pacifier and paci holder.
  • cute hair bows for a girl with hair.
  • tub toys.
  • Easter toy or animal. like Luffie Lamb from Precious Moments
  • Toys such as rattles, keys, or teething rings are classics.
  • A CD of soothing lullabies or lively playtime music would be a nice touch.

12 ideas for 6 months and up!

  • First of all there are those adorable, fluffy, loveable stuffed animals! Of course you want to get the classic Bunny, Lamb or Chick, but I’ve seen FROGS too!
  • Easter themed toys {hopping bunny maybe}.
  • Their favorite snacks! Gerber has some yummy snacks for your baby.
  • If they are outgrowing clothes, get them a couple of nice outfits or maybe some shoes or socks.
  • Tub Toys! My grand daughter loves to play with her rubber ducks and foam toys.
  • If they’ve outgrown their hooded towel, get them a beach towel or maybe a different hooded towel?
  • Outdoor toys~ Spring is in the air, maybe a toy garden set or tool set.
  • Sippy Cup.
  • Teethers
  • A brand-new baby spoon or fork.
  • New Plate/Bowl set in their favorite cartoon.
  • 1 Real Egg ~ If they are old enough to eat one.

Let your imagination run with it. Make shopping for the baby Easter basket fillers fun! I love to shop for my grand baby, I have had her bunny for about 3 weeks now! I also have a few other things to put in her basket, once you get rid of your “What do I put in the baby Easter basket” fear, you will see it’s all fun like any other holiday!

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