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Ask Santa for a Flybar Scooter Aero 2-Wheel Kick Scooter

As I mentioned in my Flybar 1st Pogo Stick post, my granddaughter loves being outside. She doesn’t care if it is raining, freezing or snowing she will tell you “Let’s go outside and play”. I hate to disappoint her, but I can’t deal with the freezing weather for too long LOL. Flybar has so many products for outdoor play, so I thought my granddaughter would like a scooter to play on. I received the Pink Aero 2-Wheel Kick Scooter for free in exchange for inclusion to my Holiday Gift Guide.

Flybar Scooter

The Flybar Aero 2-Wheel Kick Scooter is designed for children ages 5 and up and comes in three colors; pink, blue, and orange. Yes my granddaughter is 4, however she will be 5 in 7 months.

The Aero Scooter is Flybars’ new smooth riding, thrill seeking 2 wheel scooter. Ride in style with light up wheels and colorful designs. Made with a durable steel frame and steel supported composite deck built to make the fun last. Comfortable Flybar handle grips with adjustable to handlebars to accommodate smaller and larger children with settings for 27.5” and 32”. Unique and colorful grip tape ensures maximum stability and control while giving the scooter a cool look! The Aero 2 wheeled scooter features a large, steel rear foot brake for a quick, safe and easy stop. Both wheels also light up while you are riding!

Flybar Scooter
One feature that my husband and I love is that on the back of the scooter, near the big wheel, there is a foot brake. This is great because if your child is going to fast, or wants to slow down, they can just step on that foot brake and automatically stop.

Flybar Scooter

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