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Anna Naturals Pregnancy Tea Review

Anna Naturals

With pregnancy comes all the nausea in the first trimester, discomfort in the last trimester, but the one thing a lot of women don’t know about is all the heartburn you have around the end of the second into the home stretch of the third trimester.  When my daughter started complaining about heartburn, I searched for a company who would be willing to let her do a review on anything that would relieve it for her in a natural way.  In my search I found Anna Naturals. The company offers all natural organic Tea, Pregnancy Tea, Soaps and Lotions.

Pregnancy Tea

The Anna Naturals line of herbal teas are infused with flowers, citrus and fruit to create amazing tasting blends that are delicious to drink.  Take a pick from four categories of teas:

  1. Everyday Blends – for any woman, anytime. These teas help with things like painful menstrual cycles, getting more energy and stamina throughout the day, and helping to get a better night’s sleep.
  2. Pregnancy Blends – Each blend is safe to use during pregnancy and helps to provide additional vitamins and minerals to your body, and can help to fight nausea and morning sickness.
  3. Postpartum Blends – for after your little bundle of joy is born. With a blend to help with the recovery after delivery, to one for helping produce more milk for nursing mothers, and even a blend to help stop milk production for weaning moms – Anna Naturals has your needs after having a baby covered.
  4. Menopause Blends – for dealing with the symptoms of menopause. There are blends to help combat hot flashes, aide in getting a good night’s sleep, and even one to balance out mood swings and promote hormonal balance.

Pregnancy Tea

For the review, my daughter received a full size tin of their Pregnancy Tea.
The benefits of this tea:

  • High in essential nutrients for pregnancy
  • Strengthens the uterine wall and prepare the uterus for contractions
  • Helps to make delivery easier and faster
  • May reduce labor pain during and after childbirth
  • Reduces the recovery time after delivery
  • Best to take in third trimester (ask your doctor or midwife on when best to start)

Pregnancy Tea ingredients: Organic red raspberry leaf, organic nettles, organic avena, strawberries, lemon peel, strawberry and lemon extract.

With many complications during pregnancy traced back to a woman’s nutrition, and the desire of so many women to have a “natural” or drug-free delivery – the benefits of red raspberry leaf pregnancy tea are numerous.

She also received a week’s worth of our Keep it Down tea, which is used for nausea and heartburn (it has organic ginger in it, along with the red raspberry leaf). Plus a single sample of their Nursing Mama tea, a fenugreek tea (which gets a REALLY bad rep for tasting horrible) blended with rooibos (caffeine free), hibiscus and fruit. According to the owner of the company this tea tastes amazing and is unlike the other nursing teas.

My daughter told me that the tea tastes great! This brand of leaf tea is not “grassy” like the others!  My daughter doesn’t like Raspberry, so this says a lot! 🙂  She’s had heartburn 1 time after receiving the Keep it Down tea and it worked somewhat.  She’s now realized that she has to eat and drink slowly so she won’t get that irritation heartburn.

Pregnancy Tea

Anna Naturals Bath and Body Products

Anna Naturals also offers bath and body products. They carry a traditional bar soap, in both all natural and organic scents, which contain no harsh chemicals and are naturally scented. Their lotions also are free of harsh chemicals, including sulfates, parabens, and GMO’s, and they are scented using essential oils. As with the teas, there is a set of bath and body products just for pregnant and nursing moms called Smooth Mama and Clean Mama. These are also more lightly scented than their regular, Just Right line, keeping in mind a sensitive pregnant nose!

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Anna Naturals has offered to sponsor our Baby Shower Giveaway Event! They are going to give one lucky reader a nice mama-to-be basket with some tea and some of their new products ($50 value)!

May 30 – June 13th 2014, we will be hosting a Baby Lovin Baby Shower Giveaway event in honor of my daughter’s Baby Shower May 17th! There will be multiple baby products, including the product above, and prizes split between 3 winners to be sure to bookmark my blog and check back to enter!

baby lovin baby shower giveaway event

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Anna Naturals for allowing my daughter to review the Pregnancy Tea. No compensation was exchanged. Neither my daughter or I were required to write a positive review. Our opinions of this product is entirely our own. Read the full disclosure policy.

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