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Amazon Brushing Scam! Have you received packages you didn’t order?

brushing scam

Have you received packages from Amazon that you didn’t order? Yes it’s very exciting to think Amazon thought that much of you to ship you free packages, but unfortunately, chances are you’re a victim of the latest scam called the Amazon Brushing Scam.
brushing scam

What is the Brushing Scam?

It is an international e-commerce home delivery scheme in which overseas sellers purchase their own items through fake buyer accounts and have the merchandise sent to real U.S. homes. The seller then gives themselves a glowing “verified” review of the product in order to rank higher in Amazon search engine ratings.

Is this harmless or harmful?

Although there could be some REALLY cool things in those packages, this is a serious problem. A Boston couple received dozens of suspect, unwanted packages and feel helpless to make it stop.

Should you be worried if you have been Brushed?

Yes. Phantom sellers could be shipping anything and everything to your home. From harmless trinkets to adult novelty items, to illegal contraband. PLUS, it also means that your information (your name, address, and possibly other personal information) has been breached. Worse yet, when a company scams Amazon, everyone pays in the end.

What should you do if you are brushed?

If you start receiving packages you never ordered to your name and address, you are a victim of the Brushing Scam and the Identity Theft Resource Center recommends you:

  1. Contact the retailer immediately.
  2. Change your passwords to your online accounts, just in case the scammer found your address from hacking into your account.
  3. If you start receiving a lot of shipments, contact the post office for help with holding packages until you can pick them up or figure out what’s going on.
  4. Research before you buy. Use a free software like Fakespot to ensure the products you’re purchasing aren’t rated highly due to brushing.

Thanks Hip2Save for telling us about the Amazon Brushing Scam!!

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Brushing Scam! Have you received packages you didn’t order?

  1. I’ve had my email stolen from me…to amazon….I put in a report but they did nothing to stop it….I now hope I have control over the account…I have even named it “Stolen account”. Its sad they won’t stop stuff like this happening…. I suspect my email was grabbed from a page online as its the email I ONLY use for book sweeps and for nothing else

    1. Sorry to hear that. I hope you do have control over the account. It’s a shame Amazon wouldn’t help, you would think they’d want to keep their customers happy.

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