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What Age to Start Children at a Movie Theater?

Hey everyone, Ok yes many parents have asked the question, What Age to Start Children at a Movie Theater. I’ve heard, several different ages, 3, 4, 5 even 6! My opinion is if they can sit at least 30 minutes to watch a cartoon on the TV, you should try the theater.

When my daughter was young, her 1st movie was “Santa Claus the Movie” which came out Nov 27th 1985 3 weeks before she turned 3. She was a little fidgety at first, but as soon as she saw Santa, she sat in her seat and did no move! LOL Santa Claus has that power! That was 32 years ago and that is still her favorite movie! I can’t wait to watch it with my granddaughter this year.

Monday my granddaughter woke up so excited about going to see the new “My Little Pony” movie. She turned 3 in July, and her mommy and daddy took her to see Cars 3 since she likes cars, but she didn’t really sit through it. We didn’t know what to expect, but there are so many cute movies coming out, we want her to learn how to sit and watch. We got in our seats and she kept asking when were the commercials (previews) were going to go off! 🙂 She was getting more and more fidgety because she only wanted to see the movie. In my honest opinion, for kid movies I don’t think they should have a lot of previews because it only irritates the kids (like my granddaughter) who only want to see the show.

Mommy and Gracen/Grama and Gracen, before the movie started.

Once the movie got to the interesting parts, she sat between Maw Maw and me to watch it. She enjoyed the movie and watched more of it than I thought she would because of how fidgety she was being. She was just like a little lady when leaving the theater. She even told the little girl she met before the movie bye 🙂

Her mommy had the same look when she saw Santa on the big screen!

So if you are trying to figure out what age is a good age, my advice would be to make it a movie you know the kids will like and start them off around the age of 3.

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