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Adrian Rubin – An Amazing Entrepreneur

When you were a kid, what did you dream you would be when you grew up to be an adult? We all have those extravagant dreams, some girls dream of being a singer or a supermodel and most boys dream of being a professional sports star! These dreams to be big and following your dreams are great! How many times have you watched a TV show and heard the kids say “when I grow up I’m going to be my own boss”? 😆 We all want to be our own boss and be an amazing entrepreneur.

To achieve the goal of being your own boss or an amazing entrepreneur you have to do a few things, but number one is to sit down and make a list of the different goals you want to accomplish in the future. For instance, I am a blogger, my goal has always been to make money and to have a lot of traffic to my blog. I am accomplishing my #1 goal, making money, I am still working on #2, traffic. I’m going to start using some of these suggested apps every social media manager should be using to increase productivity.

To me, making lists of what I want to accomplish in a week, month or year is something that motivates me more. It helps me get started on the goal that I want to accomplish. Adrian Rubin, LLC is a perfect example of a business that I would personally want to learn from.

Who is Adrian Rubin?

Adrian Rubin spent a lot of time playing video games. He has always been drawn to the alternate worlds, action, level of skill, graphics and storyline. The complexities of the games and the distinct characters provided hours of fascination. This is the reason he chose graphic design as a career. He had so many ideas for incredibly unique games and wanted to bring these ideas to life.

Adrian studied graphic design in college and earned his Bachelor’s degree. He learned how to write the millions of lines of complex code necessary to develop a video game. Every action chosen by the players required yet another line of code. He studied the software, learned about certification and the latest trends. He understood the basics and mastered the programs necessary for the career he had chosen.

Being your own boss has to start somewhere and it helps when you have the support and the encouragement of your family. My husband has started calling me a “Bad Ass” because of everything I have accomplished so far in my freelance blogging career. So if you want to do something go out and do it. You do not have to be young or a small business to accomplish your goals. Start right now and become your own boss. It is never too early to start setting goals for yourself. Most bloggers start out as a hobby and then it turns into a job. That’s what happened to me, I wanted to contribute to the bills and our fun fund and now I’m so happy being my own boss and working from home.

Adrian Rubin Scholarship

Adrian Rubin wants to help you with college, so be sure to apply for the Adrian Rubin Scholarship. The scholarship was created with the leaders of the future (current students) in mind. Over the years, college has become increasingly expensive and necessary.This scholarship serves the purpose of being able to help one student get closer to achieving their goal of landing their dream career without having to rack up hundreds of thousands of student loan debt in order to do so.

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