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Adorable Scoundrels a Quirky Book of Toddler Poems

Does mom like poems? She may just like to read this quirky book of toddler poems about the trials and tribulations of raising toddlers. The Adorable Scoundrels poems cover topics like tantrums, bedtime struggles and mealtime disasters.  I received a copy in exchange for inclusion to the Mother’s day gift guide.

You may recognize your own toddlers (past or present) in the charming illustrations of Susan Robinson who has two 3-year-olds of her own and in the truth-telling verses of author, poet, and playwright Howard Eisenberg who met them first as toddlers of his own and of his much beloved late wife Arlene, who co-wrote the parenting bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Adorable Scoundrels is a collection of wry toddler poems entitled Adorable Scoundrels, inspired by Arlene’s admonition that, If you re going to have a toddler, you ll need a sense of humor.  OMG is this so true! Sometimes you just have to let go of wanting to punish them for something and laugh at it (depending on how bad it was).

Adorable Scoundrels

I bet when you bought that stroller, it would be a good thing, well, so did we, however this is exactly how that worked out! Either in arms or walking, my granddaughter NEVER wanted anything to do with the stroller or a basket at the grocery. The ONLY way we could get her in it was if she was sleeping or bribe her to sit in it! LOL

Adorable Scoundrels

My granddaughter doesn’t give us much trouble, however when she does, we are happy to do this.
Adorable Scoundrels

Her room and my front room look like this sometimes, for the most part, she loves outside, so I can’t complain.
Adorable Scoundrels

When my granddaughter can’t sleep, she’ll go sneak in the bed with my daughter and her husband. Same here if she can’t sleep, she loves to sleep by Grampa 🙂
Adorable Scoundrels

Kids are demanding and delightful. They exasperate and enchant. Curious wide-eyed explorers of an exciting new world, they crawl over our rugs and into our hearts. We were them at one time and now they are en route to becoming us.

Adorable Scoundrels

The publishing company has offered a giveaway! 5 Winners will win this book and Ten Tips for the frazzled parent. Enter here.

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