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6 ways to Promote Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace

As an employer, it’s vital that you recognize the importance of promoting a healthy work environment to your people. You and your staff spend most of your days in the office, which often impacts your physical and mental health in a bad way. The several hours of sitting at their desks, using computers and tech, and doing physical tasks – everything is taxing for the health.

With that in mind, it is, therefore, a priority to create and maintain a workplace that encourages a healthy work-life balance. Not sure where you should start? Here are some tips on keeping your workforce healthy and your space sustainable.

Physical activities are undeniably a great way to encourage healthy living in your employees. You can hold one during lunch hour or even after work. Hosting an organizational-led activity can’t just create an active culture and promote teamwork, but also boost those heart rates and release endorphins.

In planning for such activities, consider the available space, as well as your staff’s interests and capabilities. You can opt for some HIIT, yoga, boxing, or circuit training. Or, organize fun and active charity events for your employees. Having regular physical screening is also a great way to further ensure everyone in your team is healthy.

One popular way of creating a healthy work environment is by adding greenery into your space. You can simply place indoor plants all over your office and at your employees’ desks. Some great desk plants include the Devil’s Ivy, Bromeliads, Snake Plant, African Violet, or ZZ plant.

But if you want to step it up, you can install real green moss walls in your office. This addition makes an appealing botanical art in your workplace while having cleaner air inside. Greenery or plants are also helpful for improving memory retention and productivity, boosting creativity and concentration, and lowering stress levels.

It’s no secret that stress is the biggest enemy of any working professional. It can impact your employees’ productivity level, work quality, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing. Promote healthy stress management in your workplace and take care of your team’s mental wellness.

That way, you can reduce the risk of physical or mental breakdowns, and prevent other health problems that will cause your people to miss workdays. Some ways to support healthy stress management include letting your team go home early, having an on-site meditation room, or going on a fun and relaxing retreat with your team.

While remote working is not always a good idea, you can still provide this as an option to your team. If their tasks and schedule permit it, you can allow them to choose to work at their houses. This flexibility simply offers a better work-life balance, helping your employees to take control of their mental wellness too. Offering this option is also an excellent way for you to reduce the carbon footprint of your company – higher productivity, less office space.

In case your company already has its own cafeteria, why not swap those unhealthy meals for healthy choices? While this can be a bit costly, it offers a healthier impact on your workforce. Plus, it can even make your company an appealing option for future candidates.

If you don’t have a cafeteria, you can just opt to reward your hard-working staff with healthy daily meals. Or better yet, give them some gift cards to healthy food shops. You can also encourage your employees to limit ordering take-outs, and instead bring their own lunches at work. Some of the best filling and healthy choices are fruit and Greek yogurt with cottage cheese, turkey sandwich using whole-wheat bread, and salad with grilled chicken.

Not everyone knows the healthiest choices, and for others, staying healthy is not that easy. Support your employees in finding time to be active and create a healthy balance between their work and personal life. To better execute this, you can invite some chefs, nutritionists, or educational speakers so your worker can leverage their knowledge about living a healthier lifestyle. You can also organize and host short meetings to discuss the current health struggles of your employees and how you can help. Do it as a group or person to person.

Supporting the personal wellness of your employees doesn’t only show that you value them, but it also allows you to cultivate a healthy culture that lasts long. Whether your organization decides to provide most health perks or hosts regular wellness programs, every small step can lead to increased workforce productivity and efficiency.

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