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50 Shutterfly Business Cards or Mommy Cards only $4.99 Shipped!

Shutterfly Business Cards

Shutterfly Business Cards

I have a fantastic idea for those of you who have small kids, kids who have just started school or have returned to school, MOMMY or DADDY Cards! Where do you get them? Well through August 16th you can get 50 Shutterfly Business Cards or “Shutterfly” for just $4.99 shipped! This means the business cards are free and the shipping is $4.99, cool huh ;).

With mommy or daddy cards, you put your information and hand them out at mommy classes, and playdates. You can also hand them out to the moms in the class. This is an easier way to share your contact information without having to keep writing everything down every time you are asked for it.

Interested in ordering? Pop over to Shutterfly.com look through the cards, select which one you want or design your own. At checkout, enter promo code WORKIT at checkout.

For additional information on this promotion, visit the Shutterfly Facebook page.

Thanks Hip2Save!

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