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A lot of us have been fearful lately. Fearful of the election, fearful of sickness, fearful for our families, and more. If you have been in a basket full of fear and want to resolve some of your negative thoughts and anxiety, keep reading. Here are a few ways to overcome your fears:

Practice Mindfulness 

You’ve heard about mindfulness, but what exactly is it? Mindfulness is a passive thinking activity that allows you to become more aware of your fear. Awareness can definitely help you overcome your fear and anxiety and being mindful definitely creates an increased sense of awareness.

Practice mindfulness tips during some of your less severe times of fear and anxiety. When you recognize your fear symptoms arising, sit down and think about what is happening to you. This is like making a mental journal entry. Observe the symptoms as they arise. Don’t do anything about it. Just sit and keep track of yourself as the moment continues. Being passive raises your self-awareness, and it prevents you from doing the typical things you do when you experience fear. It helps get you out of a rut.

Educate Yourself

A lot of the time, we are scared of the unknown, so when we take the time to really sit down and educate ourselves, then it can really help to resolve your fears some of the time. If your fear is based on a lack of information, get the information or knowledge you need to examine the situation based on facts rather than speculation. While this takes time and effort, it can definitely help.

Visit Sean Wheeler At Pure Hypnosis

You probably haven’t considered hypnosis before – or maybe you have – but either way, when you want to try it out, only visit the best. Sean Wheeler is just that – the best. He says, “Whether you’ve been suffering from a fear your entire life or have developed it more recently, you can be free of it in just a few sessions. The fear response may be triggered by your environment, but the feeling is created in the mind.

Sean uses various techniques to help you change the way you think so that you’re able to remain calm and resourceful, even when directly confronted by the feared object or situation (airplane, elevator, etc).” Sean works with individuals who have common fears such as fear of flying, claustrophobia, public speaking, fear of heights, panic attacks, emetophobia, fear of driving, fear of death, fear of insects, and more. He can truly help you tackle any fear or phobia, however he does not just focus on fears. He also helps people with hypnosis for weight loss in Atlanta, and more, such as smoking addictions, relationship troubles, etc. When you work with Pure Hypnosis, here is a little more of what to expect in terms of number of sessions (on average):

-Smoking Cessation – initial session lasts 2 hours and optional follow-up lasts 1 hour (takes place 2-3 weeks after initial session)

-Weight Loss – 3-12 sessions, depending on your history and goals

-Fears/Phobias – 2-3 sessions for each specific fear/phobia, although some can be addressed concurrently.

-Anxiety – 3-6 sessions

-Heartbreak/Relationship issues – 3-6 sessions

-Bad Habits (nail-biting, hair-pulling, etc) – 2-4 sessions


Sean’s office is very convenient for anyone who lives in Metro-Atlanta since it is in the Two Ameris Center in Buckhead. He also offers free consultations, so you can meet with him risk-free! I highly recommend him if you are dealing with any fears.

Utilize Nature

Talking to a therapist is an excellent way to work through your fears and anxiety. However, you can’t always be at your therapist’s office. Try going for a walk outside instead! Natural beauty found in parks, backyards, or wherever something green is growing does help reduce symptoms of fear and anxiety. It has been proven! Nature helps calm people, reducing stress levels and changing moods from anxious to relaxed. Plus, the physical activity of walking or jogging outdoors requires us to use our brains differently, which can cause a switch from irrational fearful thoughts to clearer thinking that can help overcome the fear.


Breathing is more important than you think. Usually, anxiety begins with short breaths. The short breaths cause a number of negative reactions in your body which quickly become an anxiety attack. The key to overcoming those fast outbreaks of anxiety is to control your breathing. Fortunately, deep breathing is not complicated, but when you are in the middle of a panic attack, it can seem pretty impossible to do. Once you have recognized that you are becoming fearful (the sooner, the better!), stop and focus on your breathing. Take a breath in, and then slowly let it out. Make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale. This isn’t just some psychological trick; deep breathing forces your body to physically calm itself.

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