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5 Ideas To Spark Creativity

Do you ever have days where you feel extremely creative and everything clicks into place with a project? While those days are incredible, you can also have days where you don’t have energy and are in a rut. Sometimes stress does that.  Here are a few things that you can do to help keep yourself creative and put those monsters at bay.

  1. Have An Idea Book: One way to help you spark some creativity is keeping an idea book or journal nearby. Do you have one of those moments where you are about to fall asleep or are in the shower and an idea pops into your head? You should write it down because these ideas can help spark creativity. Use them when you’re trying to decide on a journal prompt, a blog post, or a big project.
  1. Create an Environment That Encourages Creativity: To make things mobile, helps to spark creativity by keeping your mind and space open to new ideas. One way to spark a creative environment is by setting up a desk in an area that isn’t going to be a distraction. You can move it by a window or facing a wall. Add some various quote art nearby, ideas that will help motivate you, and small notebooks to write down your ideas on.
  1. Have A Vision Board: I loved creating vision boards to help me stay focused on personal and long-term goals. This helps you bring ideas to life. You can create them as a digital, a collage, visual, or a combination of all three. I used to love creating collages out of old magazines. .

  1. Explore What You Don’t Know: Exploring things you aren’t familiar with is exciting and bring you new awareness to learn. You can never have enough knowledge regarding a subject either! One thing I was curious about is woodworking. An Atlanta company called Saw Trax offers a variety of saw tools to help those who have never worked with wood or experts in the field. They pride themselves on having the speediest cutting tools and most accurate saws in the market. A corrugated plastic cutter, which is made to cut through corrugated plastic, film, and vinyl. One of the stop shops for all DIY projects!
  1. Put Yourself With Other Creatives: Creative groups, help with inspiration and you can bounce ideas of of each other.  Where can you find these groups? Reach out to friends. Look in your community or social media. Facebook pages is a good idea to see what is near your home or a common interest.

There are many ways to help yourself spark creativity that isn’t mentioned here. You could go on a walk. Talk to a friend. Meditate or work on some yoga to help clear your mind. Take your time to imagine the end goal. And then you will see how to get there. I can’t wait to hear what steps you’ll take to spark your own creativity.

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