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5 Financial Decisions To Make Now

We are in a crazy time right now. A lot of people are under a massive amount of stress when it comes to their job, finances, and really – everything. Nobody really knows what tomorrow, or next week, or next month is going to look like. We hope that with states opening back up, that cases will not start to rise again. We hope that the economy will start to improve and that we will all become employed again. We hope that one day, very soon, that we will get to hug our family and friends again. We hope…

Sometimes, hoping is just not enough, though and you really have to act in order to protect yourself and your family. One great example of this is protecting your finances. If there is anything good about this time, it’s the fact that it’s a really great eye opener for a lot of people. It is showing that you can never be too prepared financially. If this screams your name, then keep reading, because I’m sharing great financial decisions to make right now, in order to help get your finances back on track and/or prepare for the future:

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Pay off Credit Cards

This is a big one when it comes to preparing. High-interest credit card debt is never a good thing to have and as long as you have it, those debts will be hanging over your head. In fact, they will be a huge weight on your shoulders. High-interest credit card debt is hard to keep up with and if you let it get away from you, soon you will be paying huge payments every month. Figure out a plan when it comes to paying off credit cards so that you can be financially prepared in the future. When you do this, you will be so much less stressed!

Pro tip: right now, you can get great interest rates on lower-interest loans. Consider taking a low-interest loan to pay off higher-interest debt. This way, you can tackle it faster and pay less in the long run.



I’m not sure that I really need to write much under this paragraph, but here we go anyway. If you have not already, make sure that saving is a top priority in your life. You should always have a rainy day fund, as well as enough saved up as a buffer, just in case you lose your job or we go through another pandemic such as this. What we have learned from COVID-19 is the fact that a one month buffer (savings account) is just not enough. That’s why some people recommend three or six months worth of payments in a savings account. Personally, I recommend six months…or more, if you can swing it.

Pro tip: you can mindlessly save if you have your bank automatically take a few dollars out of your debit card for each purchase that you make. This will help build up your savings (slowly, but it’s something) without you having to think about it!

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Move To A New Home

Interest rates are low right now and home sellers are not exactly confident with the market. This means that you can score a fantastic deal on a home mortgage if you play your cards right! Find a great realtor, look at homes that interest you, get pre-approved (for hopefully a super low-interest loan right now), and make an offer! You never know what you might find and there is truly never a better time to buy if you are in a good financial spot right now.


Pro tip: when you move, a great way to support local businesses right now is to utilize their services. You are helping them AND they are helping you. For example, hire a local real estate agent, hire a local mortgage broker (instead of going with a large firm), and hire local movers such as Atlanta Peach Movers! Atlanta Peach Movers offers packing services, storage solutions, moving supplies, moving vans, international move services, long distance moving Atlanta, and much more. The full-time employees of Atlanta Peach Movers prides themselves on not having any hidden fees, so you can rest easy knowing that your finances are in order, too.


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Refinance Your Home

If you do not want to move to a new home, consider refinancing your home. The interest rates are so low right now! If you have a PMI on your home, it’s a great option to get rid of that and still have a very low interest rate. Don’t worry, you don’t have to act on it if you don’t want to, but what is the hurt in just inquiring about refinancing? Nothing!


Pro tip: contact a few mortgage lenders so that you can find the best deal for your situation specifically. Do not settle with the first person that you talk with!

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Purchase A New Car

Again – interest rates are very low right now AND car dealerships are wanting to move their cars. Since a good chunk of the world is scared about finances right now, they are more motivated than ever to sell to the people who are not-so-worried. My friend received a call the other day asking her to consider trading in her 2018 for a 2020. She inquired about it (remember, it never hurts to inquire!) and she ended up going through with the deal because of the great savings. Sure, she is paying a few extra years on the car, but she also went from 30,000 miles to 5 miles, she got a much lower interest-rate on the loan, the car is obviously upgraded, and she got a much better deal on this car compared to her last. She is paying over $100 less each month too. Not too shabby!


Pro tip: play the game when you are buying a car. They need your business right now, so do not jump at the first offer they give you…unless it’s a REALLY good one.

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