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3 Year Old Toddler Girl Birthday Party Guide

Are you stuck on what to get for your baby girls’ 3rd birthday? What about decorations? Well Modern Day Gramma has a few ideas to help ease your mind. Check out our Toddler Girl Birthday Party Guide for fun party ideas and gifts.

*Please note, this gift guide is just getting started, my husband had heat exhaustion which left him severely dehydrated and this past Friday July 14th, my granddaughters Parrain, a good family friend past away suddenly, it was a tremendous shock to all of us! Now we need to figure out how to tell her.

Toddler Girl Birthday Party Guide

We worked with Oriental Trading for the decorations and tableware. TGI Fridays Snacks are perfect for parties as well as Palmer’s Candy! Gifts, well, you have to check out the Scraaam bike (it’s a balance bike). I can go on and on, but then you would get tired of reading the intro and not go on to checking out the awesome products for your party! Go ahead, check out our posts.


scraaam balance bike
At only 4.89lbs, the SCRAAAM Coaster GT Balance Bike makes it easy for even the youngest riders to experience the fun and freedom of cruising on 2 wheels! Designed for children ages 1.5 to 5 years. Teaches skills like balancing, steering, stopping, using caution, and basic traffic rules. These bikes will help prepare your child for riding a traditional pedal bike while allowing them to gain confidence and become more enthusiastic about biking.

Flip Zee Girls
Any girl who loves to play with dolls will go crazy for a Flip Zee Girls Doll! It’s two dolls in one! Unique, soft, and cuddly dolls that easily convert from a 12-inch cuddly baby to a stylish 18-inch big girl doll complete with soft, colorful hair and a chic dress that’s sure to impress.

Party Snacks and/or Favors

National Junk Food Day
TGI Fridays Snacks Party Bites – These party bites would make a nice snack for party guests as they enjoy party foods like hot dogs and hamburgers.

R.M. Palmer Candy Co. has a great candy selection that is perfect for any party. Sports themed or kid themed, used as a party favor or in a dish for all to enjoy! Check out our review.


Trolls Party
Oriental Trading has some of the cutest decorations and favors for any party! We’ve used them for my granddaughter’s birthday parties for 3 years. Check them out 1st birthday was Minni Mouse, 2nd birthday was My Little Pony, 3rd birthday party was trolls!

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