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Oh! The Places You’ll Go! GIVEAWAY HOP #Back2School2018

Modern Day Gramma is excited to bring you the chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and more! We’ve joined the ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Giveaway Hop’, hosted by Becky at The Kids Did It and Amanda at The Mommy Island ! We have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you a lot of fantastic of prizes.  Please be sure to click on each blog title below to hop the linky at the end of this post to enter to win all the other exciting prizes!

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For my giveaway, one lucky winner has a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Good Luck!

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145 thoughts on “Oh! The Places You’ll Go! GIVEAWAY HOP #Back2School2018

  1. I love that my daughter is once again on a solid schedule and I look forward to hearing about all her achievements and goals.

  2. Me time but more important, the holidays are right around the corner.
    Our annual mountain, fall trip too.

  3. I look forward to time to clean the house and do laundry without being sidetracked or having what I just did be undone immediately. 😉 But seriously, I love all the new books.

  4. I look forward to being able to clean and have the house actually stay clean for more than 20 minutes

  5. I look forward to the back to school shopping trips with my kiddos. And I also look forward to a house that is cleaner for more than 10 minutes!

  6. I look forward to a quiet neighborhood when school starts again, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. School started here almost a month ago. I always look forward to the cooler fall weather.

  8. School started here almost a month ago. I always look forward to the cooler fall weather.

  9. I always look forward to the good sales and our state’s sales tax free weekend for saving money at back to school time.

  10. Everyone seems happy in my family and that’s pretty good if you ask me. I like the fall for the leaves changing colors.

  11. No children, no grandchildren, no local nieces or nephews…so looking forward to cooler weather

  12. We homeschool & love when public school starts back because we can go on “field trips” to the zoo, aquarium, etc without the crowds that the summer and weekends bring.

  13. I look forward to the cooler weather and being able to get out and enjoy walking our hilly neighborhood.

  14. I love our granddaughter but I look forward to NOT babysitting our granddaughter every day when school starts again.

  15. I look forward to getting back in to a routine! As hectic as it is watching 3 little ones and having 3 of my own all in activities, its organized chaos!

  16. I look forward to be able to clean the house without any interruptions when my daughter goes back to school

  17. “Leave a comment on what it is you look forward to when School starts again” I look forward to the lovely fall weather!

  18. My girls are graduated but I look forward to going on vacation after school starts up and not having the crowds.

  19. I look forward to some of the after school activities like dance recitals,plays,and music concerts. I love watching my kids and rooting them on.

  20. The only thing I really look forward to is being able to devote more time to work. I love my daughter being home.

  21. I look forward to back to school shopping with my grandsons and picking out their needed supplies!

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