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2018 Father’s Day Gifts – Spoil Dad & Grampa!

It’s hard to believe that Father’s day is next month; June 17th to be exact.  I don’t have my dad to get a present for anymore, but I do have my husband.  He is the title of dad and grampa, so I do what I can to make sure he has a few things to enjoy on his day. Have you started thinking about the perfect father’s day gift for your dad, husband, uncle, etc? Modern Day Gramma has gathered some of the best gift ideas to help you out. There’s something for every man in your life, especially dad and grandpa.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell dad ‘thank you’ for everything and a great way to show dad how much you love him. Life is short, dad should know every day that you love him, but it’s nice that there is a special day for it.

Father's day

LUGZ new Men’s Changeover II Fashion Sneakers

LUGZ Men’s Changeover II
Do you want to give dad a new look? What about starting off with a new pair of Lugz shoes? Their new Men’s Changeover II Fashion Sneakers are a classic sneaker that provides a stylish athletic look perfect for everyday wear. This sneaker features folded edge upper construction, a padded tongue and collar and a cushioned insole for added support and comfort. DETAILS: Rubber Sole | Durabrush Upper | Padded tongue and collar | Cushioned insole | Folded edge upper construction | Non-marking outsole. I got these for my husband and he is enjoying them! They fit great and my husband said they were really comfortable. They are very high quality and features a metallic inset “L” logo on side panel, and stylish shoe lace metal hardware.

Hammacher Breathable Mesh Glider

Is your father the type to sit outside and watch the neighborhood? Dad will love this awesome, comfortable, waterproof glider. I know my husband is enjoying the one he received for Father's day. On the weekends, he goes outside with his coffee and just sits and relaxes on the glider. He was shocked to receive this. We've always wanted to have something and thanks to Hammacher, we now have one. Thank you for sending one for free in exchange for inclusion to our guide.

Offered only by Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the weatherproof glider bench that offers the afternoon relaxation of yesteryear with today’s fabric technology. The glider’s seat and back are made with a PVC coated polyester woven fabric that repels heat and UV light, resists fading, and provides cooling air circulation. Ideal for leisurely mornings on a landscaped patio or soothing sunsets on the verandah, its durable powder-coated steel frame supports a suspension system that provides smooth and relaxed gliding forward and backward with minimal effort. Supports up to 440 lbs. Assembly required. 41 1/4" L x 35" W x 23 1/2" D. (29 3/4 lbs.) Sells for $199.95 on sale for $99.95.
Buy one for dad today

Cusibox 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker

For every dad who’s amazing in the kitchen, there are 10 who are helpless. But even those 10 can use this new generation, programmable, 9-in-1 pressure cooker from ToBox. Throw your ingredients in and let it do all the work while it speeds up cooking time by 2 to 6 times. And, thanks to ToBox’s transparent pricing model, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Plus, because ToBox only buys from ethically inspected factories, you can feel good about your purchase. Buy one today.

Drynk Tumbler

For Dads On the Go - Drynk is the new beverage tumbler that takes flexibility to new heights. Inside the slim, stainless steel body, vacuum technology keeps coffee hot for up to 12 hours and water or soda cold for as long as 18 hours. The bottom features a built-in anti-slip coaster but that’s not all. Each Drynk comes with two interchangeable lids. The Sipper boasts a magnetic latch that keeps the lid open as you drink — no more bumps on your nose. The Gulper is a wide-mouth design, perfect for guzzling down sports drinks or for pouring into the twin cups — also included with each Drynk. Drynks are available in 600 mL and 350 mL sizes, and in four colors: gold, black, graphite and purple. They retail for $27.50 US.
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Tyffyn Lunch Box

For the Brown-Bagging Dads - Tyffyn lunch boxes......
As seen in Oscars and Grammys gift bags, Tyffyns are high-end lunch boxes that keep your food warm or cold for up to six hours. Available in two sizes and a wide range of designer styles, from whimsical to sophisticated, over 100,000 have been sold. 100 percent PBA-free and dishwasher safe, the stainless steel construction means no more leaky plastic containers in landfills. And no meal would be complete without the BagMat, a sleek shoulder tote that transforms into a clean placemat. This truly will be the last food container you’ll ever need to purchase.
Buy one today.

Flateye Unround Flashlight

Why use a round flashlight that rolls off basically anything you put it on? With its new UNROUND design, the FLATEYE Flashlight is easier to grip, waterproof, stays cool longer, and has more battery life. Panther Vision has 310, 700, 1000, 1700 and 2100 lumen FLATEYE Flashlights that are priced between $49.99 and $199.99.

My husband loves his Flateye 700 flashlight. The 1st time he turned it on, our front door was open and it set off the alarm! LOL This is a very bright light, and it has 3 different levels of brightness (daylight, medium and low). He loves that he can stand it up when he needs both hands to do something. Buy One | Read Review

My Daddy Loves Me Story Book

Many father's all over the national appreciate this gift and consider it a family heirloom. -Shanalee

Internationally and Nationally awarded book series “My Family Loves Me”, created by Shanalee Sharboneau strengthens the bond between a father and child. In the titles, “My Daddy Loves Me: I’m His Little Girl” and “My Daddy Loves Me: I’m His Little Boy” (releasing Father's Day 2018!), provides books of adventure through gorgeous illustrations by Israel Dilean showing the imaginative journeys of a father and child studying hieroglyphics in Egypt, mapping the stars and riding Pegasus. The illustrations show the beautiful bond between a father and child in places like camping under the stars as cowboys, bathing in an African pond with animals and fishing under a sunset. Don't miss My Grandma Loves Me and My Grandpa Loves Me series coming in 2018! Books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Target, Wal-Mart and independent bookstores all around the nation and outlets worldwide.

This is a beautiful book! I received an autographed copy for my granddaughter to give to her dad for father's day, I can't wait to see his reaction. I know my granddaughter and her dad will enjoy many nights of reading together. This is a book that reminds older kids and teaches younger kids what their daddy's do for them and how much they are loved. I can't wait for the grandma and grampa books to be published I want both for our granddaughter.

Wellness Mat

WellnessMats are a meaningful and useful gift for dads and grandpas. They are durable, comfortable and provide health benefits that allow dad to keep doing the things he loves.

These ergonomic anti-fatigue mats offer support from the ground up. With subtle adjustments to your movements, WellnessMats offer even support and reduce stress on muscles and joints which in turn can improve circulations. Simply standing on a WellnessMats can mitigate pain in the feet, ankles, knees, legs and back which allowing more blood to flow, giving you more energy.

WellnessMats offer over 200+ design options. They are as stylish as they are durable: puncture, heat and stain resistant with a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

OMG it's like standing on a little piece of heaven! I absolutely LOVE the mat we received. I mean I wish my carpet was like the mat, it is so comfortable! Now I don't mind standing at the sink and washing the dishes, because I'm enjoying how comfortable I am on the mat! LOL

Maverick Grilling Tools

Maverick Industries has just the products to make dad the ultimate grill master. From digital/wireless thermometers to grill minders, Maverick offers a wide range of products.


Never forget how long your food has been on the grill! The Grill Minder automatically resets every time you open or close the grill.
• Grill Minder tells you how long it has been since you last opened the lid as well the total time your food has been cooking.
• Easily attaches to most grill handles
• Features include: Alarm Timer, Total Cooking iTime Monitor and Light
• Works on gas and charcoal grills
• Weather Resistant
• Works on indoor ovens too!
• Patent Pending
• UPC# 0-11502-01110-4 | MSRP $29.99
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• 3 Tools Plus Thermometer
• 2.5” Long Stainless Steel Knife
• Stainless Steel Corkscrew
• Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
• 4” Long Instant-Read Thermocouple Thermometer Stainless Steel Probe
• Temperature Range - 4°F to 572°F
• Reverse White LCD
• On/Off Button
• Celsius/Fahrenheit
• Hold Temp
• Auto-Off
• 2 AAA Batteries Included
• UPC# 0-11502-02143-1 MSRP: $49.99
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Grill Wise Tools

Grill Wise Grilling & Cooking Tools make wonderful unique gifts for Father's Day.

WiseHooker™ Clean-n-Flip is the ultimate grilling tool. It is a quality innovation that makes grilling safer, cleaner & easier than ever. The unique design combines the functions of several tools in one! Does the job of a grate cleaning tool, grate removal tool, tong, fork, spatula and more! Measures 18" in length. $19.95 Buy One

WiseLifter, Hook-n-Lift, The perfect turkey lifter for grills, smokers and roasters. If you've ever tried to wrangle a cooked turkey from the roaster or grill to the platter, you will appreciate the accessibility and ease this tool brings to the process. WiseLifter™ is sturdy and can handle the weight of up to a 30 lb bird, allowing you to tote it with one hand. The pointed tip embeds into the birds breast bone and prevents the bird from sliding off or rotating making the relocation from pan to serving dish in one easy move. Works for all types of poultry (stuffed or unstuffed). Also works great for large cuts of meat such as hams, beef roasts, pork roasts, lamb, ribs etc.. Compact design fits into most kitchen utensil draws. Made from surgical grade stainless steel, custom made Ash hardwood handle and stainless steel hanging chain. Limited lifetime warranty. $14.95 Buy One

Two Rivers Coffee Sampler

Make dad's mornings a little special with Two Rivers Mega Coffee Sampler. Includes 40 Kcups of different brands, regular/decaf, Bold to Light roasts, flavorful to unflavored.
Review | Giveaway | Purchase

Shiatsu Massager

Almost all dads need a massage to relax after a stressful day! This top rated Shiatsu Pillow Massager by Massage Therapy Concepts can do it with less of a price. It has Heat for Neck, Back, Shoulders and Feet. With four deep-kneading rotating balls it mimics the motion of a real massage therapist’s hands
Review | Buy One

Oska Pulse

Oska Pulse, health tech wearable is a revolutionary pain relief device- a portable, non-drug option to combat pain-- great for women (and men) of all ages.The Oska Pulse is $399.00.
Amazon or oskawellness.com | Review

Azorro Jump Starter

The AZORRO jump starter is the best gift you can give your mother or father (let's not forget gramma and grampa!). Make sure your loved ones are safe and never stranded.
Review | Buy One

White Wall Photo Gifts

A timeless gift of a beautiful photograph from a special memory would be the perfect gift for the perfect mom or dad (and grandma or grampa)!  White Wall photo gifts is just that!
Review | Purchase

Wahl Deep TIssue Precussion Massager

A Wahl Deep Tissue Massager will become Dad's favorite gift! The Percussion Therapeutic Massager relieves pain and fatigue.
Review | Find a Retailer
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