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I Am for the Child Music Festival Lafreniere Park

The Louisiana Festival Season is in full swing and my husband and I decided last minute to go to the I Am for the Child Music Festival at Lafreniere Park Saturday evening (4/21/18). We got there around 6 and I was expecting to see a huge crowd since this was a FREE music festival, but I was wrong! At 6 PM on a Saturday there wasn’t many people there!

It was so windy it was hard to keep my hair out of my eyes! LOL The selfie due to the wind has my hair pinned back and my eyes are hardly opened which I don’t like, but hey that afternoon I had a very bad allergy attack which left my eyes hurting, burning and sticky. My husband took me out of the house to have a little fun to stop me from worrying about my eyes.

There were bounce houses for the kids, food trucks, alcohol trucks, and good music! We took videos which I am scared to upload to youtube as I don’t have permission and I can’t upload to the blog as they are too big, but we have pictures to share!

The seagulls were having a great time as well! LOL

If you ever hear that a band called JUST RIGHT band is playing near you, go see them, they are really good! I was happy that they sang Prince songs on the day of his 2 year death anniversary.

The kids had activities, but by the time we got there, the only activity we saw were the bounce houses. This is one we’ve never seen before, it’s a New Orleans Saints Bounce house and slide!

We did have a good time for about an hour and it did take my mind off of my allergies and my eyes.

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